Quick Answer: Which Plant Is Best For Balcony?

What is easy to grow on a balcony?

Here are some of the plants that are most likely to grow easily on a balcony: Cucumbers.



How can I make my balcony smell better?

Make your balcony garden fragrant with these seven great-smelling flowers and herbs….7 Container Plants That Smell GoodJasmine flower. Night jasmine blooms at night and releases its pleasant scent throughout the garden. … Rosemary (herb). … Dianthus flower. … Lavender (herb). … Hyacinth flower. … Mint (herb). … Peony flower.

How do I build a balcony garden?

Vertical gardens are a space saving concept to the home gardener because they employ the vertical walls of your balcony. There are many creative ways to use this method: using pallets filled with soil and affixed to the wall, attaching pots to a trellis, hanging gutters from a chain, or terracing on planter stairs.

Can we cover balcony?

You are legally obliged to take revised permission from local authority for covering balcony, as it is a deviation from approved plan, though most of the people don’t do it and perhaps most of the local authority also ignore illegal construction.

Can you grow tomatoes on a balcony?

With a couple of four gallon containers and the right approach, you can be grow tomatoes on a balcony — more than you and your friends can eat. … The major one is the amount of sunlight available on the average balcony. Most gardening books state that tomatoes need at least eight hours of full sun each day.

How do I build a small balcony garden?

When creating a balcony garden in a narrow space, hanging pots and baskets are key. This design allows many plants to grow in often neglected overhead space. Attaching planters to the balcony railing is another brilliant idea as it doesn’t require additional space.

What are the best plants to grow on a balcony?

7 edible plants to grow on your balconyHerbs. These are a great choice for novice gardeners. … Cucumbers. Small varieties such as Lebanese and dwarf cucumbers grow easily on a sunny balcony. … Cherry tomatoes. Another popular homegrown choice. … Salad leaves. … Climbing beans. … Chillies.

What should I put on my balcony?

Read on to find 14 balcony ideas and see how you can transform your outdoor space from top to bottom.Add a Small Table. … Install Built-In Seating. … Bring in Greenery. … Opt for Floor Pillows. … Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug. … Use Your Wall Space. … Light It Up. … Hang a Chair or Hammock.More items…•

What fruit can you grow on a balcony?

But even if you have a tiny balcony, it’s really worth including a fruit tree….How to Plant and Grow your FruitsApple trees. … Pear Trees. … Cherry Trees. … Plum Trees. … Peach. … Apricots. … Fig Trees. … Calamondin Orange Trees.More items…•

Can I grow food on my balcony?

Plants for Balcony Vegetable Gardening Almost any vegetable plant you can think of to grow in a backyard garden will also thrive in your balcony vegetable garden under the right conditions, including: Tomatoes. Eggplant. Peppers.

How do I make my balcony private?

6 Balcony Privacy OptionsOutdoor Plants. Jungle Cover. There’s a lot to be said for plant-covered balconies. … Balcony Shutters. The Shutter-up. … Balcony Privacy Screens. Shoji-Style. … Bamboo Roller Blinds. Bamboo-zled. … Sheer Mosquito-netting Curtains. It’s Curtains for You. … Beaded Curtains. Just Bead-it.

Which flowers smell the best?

7 Fragrant Flowers That Make a Garden (Or Bouquet) Smell AmazingLily of the Valley. Lily of the valley is known for its delicate white blossoms and sweet scent. … Hyacinth. When hyacinth is in bloom, you’ll often sniff it out before you see it. … Rose. … Lavender. … Gardenia. … Freesia. … Jasmine.

What is the most fragrant shrub?

Top 10 Shrubs for FragranceBloomerang® Lilac (Syringa) … Ruby Anniversary Abelia (Abelia chinensis) … Vanilla Spice and Sugartina Crystalina Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia) … Little Henry Sweetspire (Itea virginica) … ‘Scentsation’ Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) … Black Lace and Black Beauty Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)More items…

How do you start a balcony garden?

Check out the following ways to start an herb garden on your balcony:Know the Sunlight. A large part of growing herbs in a small space like a balcony is knowing what kind of sunlight your space receives each day. … Decide On Seed or Starters. … Grab the Gear. … Water Enough. … Understand Harvesting.

How do I decorate my plant balcony?

In lieu of flowers you can use hedges or straight grass.Arrange flower pots vertically. … Small cozy balcony. … Folding furniture for a small balcony. … Boxwood. … Carpet and maximum comfort.Small, beautiful green balcony.Garden and BBQ.Grow strawberries on the balcony.

How do you grow flowers on a balcony?

Balcony Flower GardenStart with a few pots. If you have started recently, do not immediately fill up your balcony with so many plants. … Three Important Factors. … Choose Right Plants. … Don’t Grow Annuals from Seeds. … Grow in Combinations. … Thriller-Spiller-Filler. … Seasonality. … Colors.More items…

What can I grow on a shady balcony?

The Top 10 Foods to Grow On Your Shady Balcony or Patio!Lettuce. Lettuce is easy to grow and tolerates shade well! … Spinach. Spinach is our favorite thing to grow and can handle shade like a champ! … Mint. Mint is pretty much invincible and will tolerate most any conditions you throw at it. … Green Onions (Chives) … Parsley. … Rosemary. … Broccoli. … Kale.More items…•

Does a lavender plant smell?

Not all Lavenders are highly scented. Some varieties are wonderful as accent plants, but have little fragrance. Others might not look as spectacular, but exude a rich perfume. The most fragrant Lavender plants are the Lavandin (Lavandula x Intermedia).