Quick Answer: Which Crops Require 210 Frost Free Days?

What is the meaning of 210 frost free days?

Frost free days is defined to be the average duration gap between the last frost day of the spring and the first frost day of the autumn season.

Cotton needs a moderate temperature to grow.

If the temperature drops below zero, the plants will die and hence, no harvesting will be there..

What is mean by frost free days?

The other mode of measurement for growing seasons is stated in terms of frost-free days, i.e. the average number of days between the last frost of spring and the first killing frost of fall or winter. Most agriculture requires a frost-free season of at least about 90 days.

What are the three types of crops?

Cropping SeasonsS. NoCropping SeasonCrops1.RabiWheat, barley, peas, gram, mustard etc.2.KharifRice, maize, jowar, bajra, tur, moong, urad, cotton, jute, groundnut, soybean etc.3.ZaidSeasonal fruits, vegetables, fodder crops etc.Nov 2, 2019

Which crop needs at least 200 frost free days?

Answer. Cotton is a kharif crop and requires high temperature, light rainfall or irrigation, 210 frost free days and bright sunshine for its growth.

What are the 3 types of crops?

A crop is a plant or plant product that can be grown and harvested for profit or subsistence. By use, crops fall into six categories: food crops, feed crops, fiber crops, oil crops, ornamental crops, and industrial crops. Food crops, such as fruit and vegetables, are harvested for human consumption.

How many frost free days required for cotton?

About 180 frost-free days are the bottom-line for cotton cultivation. At least 200 frost-free days are desirable for cotton cultivation.

Which crop needs 210 frost free days and bright sunshine?

CottonAnswer. Cotton is the crop that needs 210 frost free days and bright sunshine for its growth.

Which crops need 125 to 200 cm rainfall to grow?

JuteMajor Crops in India – JuteType of CropZaidRainfall125-200 cmSoil typeSandy and Clay LoamMajor ProducersWest Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh6 more rows•Apr 8, 2019

Which crops require frost free days for its growth?

Cotton needs about 210 frost free days for its better growth. Such regions are found in India in the area of black soil.

Which crop is mostly grown in India?

riceEven so, rice is the most cultivated crop in India. India is the world’s second-largest producer of rice, behind China. Correct! Rice was cultivated on an area of around 32.5 million hectares during the fiscal year 2002-2003.

Which crop needs 210 frost free days?

fro cottonClimatic condition and soil required fro cotton – shortcut It requires high temperature, light rainfall or irrigation, 210 frost-free days and bright sunshine for its growth.

Why is Frost harmful for cotton?

Answer: Cotton is sensitive to cold temperatures as well as excessive soil moisture. Cotton seed that imbibes cold water during the hours after planting is most likely to incur damage. Cotton seeds that have germinated and are subjected to temperatures of 50°F can suffer from root abortion and/or death.

Is cotton a kharif crop?

Cotton is a Kharif crop in the major parts of the country viz. Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and parts of Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. In these areas, the irrigated crop is sown from March-May and the rain fed crop in June-July with the commencement of the monsoon.

What climate is best for growing cotton?

Cotton is a plant that needs a long frost-free period, a lot of heat and plenty of sunshine. It prefers warm and humid climate. Cotton seeds will have a small germination rate, if the soil temperature is below 60°F (15°C). During active growth, the ideal air temperature is 70 to 100°F (21-37°C).

Why does the growth of cotton requires 210 frost free days?

Cotton requires high temperature, light rainfall, two hundred and ten frost-free days. Temperature between 22 to 40 degrees Celsius, bright sunshine is best for its growth. It is because it grows in a hot climate .