Quick Answer: How Do You Arrange Flower Pots In A Small Balcony?

How do you make a beautiful balcony garden?

8 Easy Ways To Achieve A Beautiful Balcony Garden (And What To Plant)Get your light right.

Check your planters.

Don’t use just any dirt.

Cover soil with mulch.

Use a top dressing of compost.

Give the plants a good drink.

But make sure you don’t rush watering.


How do you organize potted plants on a small patio?

Place one large pot at the center and then add smaller plants around the outside to adorn and decorate. This will draw the eye to the focal point, but also offer a lot of beauty in the surrounding pots as well. For a more informal look you can add an odd number of pots into a cluster group.

How do you organize plants on a balcony?

Position sun-loving plants toward the front of the balcony where they’ll receive the maximum amount of light. Place plants that need some shade toward the back where the building or balcony roof will provide them with some relief from the sun.

How do you make a small balcony look bigger?

Read on to find 14 balcony ideas and see how you can transform your outdoor space from top to bottom.Add a Small Table. … Install Built-In Seating. … Bring in Greenery. … Opt for Floor Pillows. … Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug. … Use Your Wall Space. … Light It Up. … Hang a Chair or Hammock.More items…•

Which plant is best for balcony?

25 Best Plants For Balcony Garden in IndiaMarigold. In warm climates, Marigold is the best plant to grow as it requires low maintenance. … Begonias. This plant has gorgeous flowers and can grow in small pots. … Pansy. … Hyacinth. … Snake Plant. … Aloe Vera. … Creeping Roses. … Bougainvillea.More items…

What can I put in my balcony planter?

10 Best Plants for Balcony Gardens1) Impatiens. If you have a shady balcony, then you will love impatiens in your outdoor space. … 2) Verbena. If you are looking for a trailing plant for your balcony, then the verbena is a great option. … 3) Marigolds. … 4) Pansy. … 5) Petunia. … 6) Morning Glory.7) Pelargonium. … 8) Begonias.More items…

What can I grow on a shady balcony?

The Top 10 Foods to Grow On Your Shady Balcony or Patio!Lettuce. Lettuce is easy to grow and tolerates shade well! … Spinach. Spinach is our favorite thing to grow and can handle shade like a champ! … Mint. Mint is pretty much invincible and will tolerate most any conditions you throw at it. … Green Onions (Chives) … Parsley. … Rosemary. … Broccoli. … Kale.More items…•

How do you grow flowers on a balcony?

10 Tips to Start a Balcony Flower Garden | Balcony Garden DesignStart with a few pots. If you have started recently, do not immediately fill up your balcony with so many plants. … Three Important Factors. … Choose Right Plants. … Don’t Grow Annuals from Seeds. … Grow in Combinations. … Thriller-Spiller-Filler. … Seasonality. … Colors.More items…

Why is the color of plant pots important?

Researchers have found that containers in darker colors, especially black, heat the soil more. … Soil temperatures on the sun-facing sides of the containers were highest in the black pots and lowest in the white pots. The plants grown in black containers had significantly lower root mass than those grown in the white.

How do you arrange pots in a small balcony?

Arranging pots and planters on a shelf or stand in a corner of the balcony is the best option to create a lot of space and grow as many plants as you want. The plants arranged horizontally in colored pots in a stand will look absolutely gorgeous.

How do I put privacy on my balcony?

6 Balcony Privacy OptionsOutdoor Plants. Jungle Cover. There’s a lot to be said for plant-covered balconies. … Balcony Shutters. The Shutter-up. … Balcony Privacy Screens. Shoji-Style. … Bamboo Roller Blinds. Bamboo-zled. … Sheer Mosquito-netting Curtains. It’s Curtains for You. … Beaded Curtains. Just Bead-it.

How do you keep plants in a small balcony?

Trim up the plants once a week, remove dead or damaged parts and deadhead the flowers. Use clay pots, clay pots tend to keep the soil cool. Grow vines or hanging plants on railing to create shade for the plants growing on balcony floor. If sun is a big problem cover your balcony with an umbrella or fabric.